Window Film: Frequently Asked Questions

What is window film?

Window film is a base of clear polyester that is either dyed, extruded or metal. It is applied to the internal or external surface area of glass windows or doors, and has a series of benefits consisting of reducing heat and glare from the sun, increasing convenience and security and reducing energy use.

Can I install it myself?

Although it is possible for a practical person to set up standard window film, a skilled professional is advised. Apart from guaranteeing an appropriate visual surface, you can gain from a complete warranty, usually 10 years.

Will it stop my conservatory getting too hot?

The use of a high-performance window film will significantly lower overheating, making the conservatory a far more comfy environment.

Is window film 100% safe and secure?

Window films are not bulletproof, blast proof or robber evidence. They can provide a higher level of safety and security when used for these functions. You ought to constantly request the suitable certification when using window film for these reasons.

How do I keep window film?

Window film must be cleaned in a comparable method to glass, utilising a soapy water solution and squeegee. Abrasives of any type ought to be avoided as these will damage the film surface area and affect visual quality.

Do I require planning permission?

No, planning permission is not generally required to use window film.

Does window film improve Efficiency

Yes, window film will enhance both the heat gain and heat loss properties of the glazing system.

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