How to pick roof windows for your house

Fixed or opening roof windows

When selecting roof windows for your home, you’ll have the alternative to have a window that is in aircraft (aligned with the roofing) or out of airplane (not flush with the roofing system).

You’ll also require to decide in between an opening or repaired roofing system window. Some designs can completely open, and others will partially open. If ventilation or roofing system gain access to is a concern, an opening roofing system window may be your choice.

There are many different options to select from between fixed and opening roofing windows, consisting of options with security functions like partial opening locks. If you’re uncertain on whether or not to select repaired or opening roofing system windows contact a professional business for an assessment.

Frame products

Just like other kinds of window, roof windows are readily available in a large range of frame materials consisting of uPVC, wood, aluminium and steel.

Particular homes lean towards particular materials more than others, and in some circumstances planning approval for a particular building might just enable a certain material or type of roofing window to be installed.

Metals like steel or aluminium are one choice for a modern-day home, big airy barn discussions, or duration homes. Wood and wood have constantly been a popular choice aesthetically, but upkeep can be tricky when you have to get onto the roofing to get it done.

A great compromise is a timber-aluminium composite which appears like wood but is much lower maintenance. uPVC is naturally extremely long lasting and long-term.

Glazing options

As with other kinds of windows there are several glazing options readily available for roofing system windows. Discovering the right option for your house will depend on numerous elements, however we’ve highlighted some key things to think about when making your choice.

Energy effectiveness

Producers will constantly provide you double glazed roofing system windows as they carry out at an industry accepted level offering light and energy performance

Energy efficient double glazing utilizes 2 panes of glass, sometimes with a gas injected into the space between the two panes, and a Low-E finish which helps to invite the sunshine in, while likewise trapping heat inside the house.

Triple glazing is something you might think about if you wished to invest more cash because it offers that bit more convenience than double glazing, and may simply provide your home the edge if you’re wanting to display your energy efficiency rankings to potential purchasers. Triple glazing differs from double glazing because it uses three panes of glass instead of 2.

Thermal efficiency.

Roof windows are frequently used on the top of the house as they are prone to getting a great deal of direct sunlight, so might potentially make a loft living location uneasy.

Solar control glass is an option which takes the heat from the sun and shows it away throughout summer, to keep the home cooler and make it more comfy.

Personal privacy

Tinted glass will increase privacy and reduces glare, but it can also decrease the amount of light able to come into the house.


Self-cleaning glass can be an attractive option for homes that don’t have easy access to their roof windows. This type of glass reacts to the light shining on it, breaking down particles and dirt to make it much easier to be washed away by the rain.


Laminated safety glass as an alternative for the inner pane of the glass sealed system ensures that pieces are held together if the glass were to break. This alternative is always suggested for bed rooms and children’s rooms.

Some additional notes on glazing

It is important to remember that some roof windows might combine several of these choices. One roofing window might be tinted, strengthened and self-cleaning, so you will not constantly have to pick between features.

It is likewise a great idea to keep in mind that roof windows are rated under the BFRC energy ranking scheme. This plan rates the entire window on its energy effectiveness from A to G with A being the most energy effective and G being the least.

U-Values are also essential and grade windows on just how much heat they blurt, so the lower the U-value, the much better.

Extra devices

If you select a roofing system window that opens there are a number of accessories to consider including locking systems for child security and manual and remote control opening options.

Remote control alternatives might be a factor to consider for windows that are out of reach, or that aren’t easy to reach.

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